Scar Tissue Resolution

Dermatologist have shown by properly applying low-level PLT, scarring may be prevented and existing scars may be resolved.

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Scar Tissue Resolution and InLight

A scar is a mark that remains after the healing of a wound that can be caused by acne, an injury, illness, smallpox vaccination, or surgery. Beneath the skin is a fibrous connective tissue known as subcutaneous tissue, composed of cells called fibroblasts, which after injury are stimulated to grow into granulation tissue, knitting the wound together. Scar tissue is formed by dense masses of granulation tissue.

InLight Medical polychromatic light therapy (PLT) systems with Progressive Multi-Pulse™ Technology are cleared by the FDA for reducing any pain that may be associated with a scar. In addition, scientific studies have demonstrated that PLT is also helpful in reducing inflammation, augmenting tissue repair and promoting regeneration of different tissues and nerves, and preventing further tissue damage (1). In the last few decades, non-ablative laser therapies have been used increasingly for the aesthetic treatment of fine wrinkles, photo-aged skin and scars, a process known as photorejuvenation. More recently, this approach has also been used for inflammatory acne.

InLight pads with Progressive Multi-Pulse™ Technology provide a unique combination of blue, red and infrared photon energy to increase local circulation and reduce the inflammatory response behind acute or slow wound healing processes that can result in scarring.  Scientific studies demonstrate that blue light works as an antibacterial agent and that both red and infrared light support healthy collagen.

The InLight Medical systems with Progressive Multi-Pulse™ Technology are designed for active users on the go. The 6/PORT and 2/PORT systems are simple to use at home or at work.  PLT therapy pads are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit various areas of the body. In addition, a complete 20-minute session can be conducted while watching TV, reading, or working at your desk. InLight Medical PLT products are over-the-counter Class II medical devices that do not require a prescription.

[1] Avci P, Gupta A, Sadasivam M, Vecchio D, Pam Z, Pam N, Hamblin MR. Semin Cutan Med Surg. 2013 Mar;32(1):41-52. Review. Low-level laser (light) therapy (LLLT) in skin: stimulating, healing, restoring.