Brilliant LightCap Launch

New Polychromatic Light Therapy Device Already in High Demand

Dallas, Texas (March 15, 2018) – InLight Medical™, manufacturer of polychromatic light systems and products with Progressive Multi-Pulse™ Technology, announced the company’s newest product, the Brilliant LightCap™. The cap, which fits over nearly all parts of the skull, is a light therapy device made up of over 500 polychromatic superluminous LED lights.

Published research has shown that even low doses of red and near infrared light have produced measurable positive results in humans. The Brilliant LightCap actually produces more light than those used in many of the studies, rendering the cap possibly even more effective than the light doses represented in research.

“People are adding the LightCap to their regime because they trust the validity of the published science,” said Greg Hipskind, MD, PhD, Chairperson of the InLight Medical Board. “Increasing blood flow to certain areas of the body generally improves its function. People are already seeing the changes, and their lives are better for it.”

Polychromatic light therapy (PLT) initiates photobiomodulation which can aid in stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Scientific studies have demonstrated PLT’s ability to improve symptoms associated with traumatic brain injury (TBI), depression, anxiety, stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and several other brain disorders. A non-invasive and drug-free approach with no known side effects, PLT simply increases circulation in the brain, even in hard-to-reach areas. This is believed to improve overall brain health and aid in the potential improvement of cognitive function and memory while decreasing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

The lightcap, as well as the company’s other light therapy devices, is FDA cleared and designed for simple at-home use for convenient and consistent personal health and wellbeing.

“It’s no wonder that, when humans are deprived of sunlight, they find their mental health and overall health suffers,” said Dr. Hipskind. “It’s never been clearer to me before working with these products that humans truly are beings of light.”

About InLight Medical™
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