Two Boot 99

The Two Podiatric Boots 99 Red is specifically shaped for maximum comfort. It’s designed to fold over the entire foot or be used lengthwise along the calf or shin.

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Product Information

The InLight Medical 2/PORT 2 Pad Podiatric System revolutionizes neuropathic pain care with Progressive Multi-Pulse™ technology. The FDA-cleared system is a non-invasive approach that improves blood flow to reduce pain and supports the body’s innate healing processes. It features two (2) Boot 99 pads that provide polychromatic application of red and infrared photonic energy for the body. The pads can be comfortably applied to the bottom of the feet or lengthwise along the calf or shin. The polychromatic LED spacing allows for a gentle stimulation of circulation to the area to aid in the reduction of neuropathic pain.


  • Neoprene flexibility for ease of application anywhere on the body and particularly sensitive areas on the foot.
  • Comfortably secured by a Velcro strap
  • InLight Medical PLT therapy pads are interchangeable between all InLight controllers
  • 99 diodes of the polychromatic blend of red and infrared photon energy
  • 44 red diodes (630 nm)
  • 55 infrared diodes (850 nm)

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