2/PORT | 2 Pad Podiatric Boot 122

The Podiatric System features a state-of-the-art 2/PORT Controller with Progressing Multi-Pulse™ technology and two boot pads.
Price $1,495

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Product Information

InLight Medical’s 2/PORT 2 Pad Podiatric System features two (2) Boot 122 pads that provide polychromatic application of red and near-infrared (NIR) photonic energy. The pads can be applied to the bottom of the feet or lengthwise along the calf or shin. The polychromatic LED spacing allows for a gentle stimulation of circulation to the area to aid in decreasing pain.


  • Neoprene flexibility for ease of application anywhere on the body and particularly sensitive areas on the foot.
  • Comfortably secured by a Velcro strap
  • InLight Medical PLT therapy pads are interchangeable between all InLight controllers
  • 122 diodes of the polychromatic blend of red and near-infrared photon energy
  • 52 red diodes (630 nm)
  • 70 NIR diodes (850 nm)
  • Contains everything to begin use

Price $1,495