Podiatric System Package

The 2/PORT l 2 Pad Podiatric System features the 2/PORT Controller and 2 Boot 122 Podiatric pads, for an array of polychromatic light therapy options.

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Product Information

The InLight Medical Podiatric System revolutionizes neuropathic pain care. The Podiatric System features a state-of-the-art 2-port controller with InLight Progressive Multi-Pulse™ technology. The package includes two (2) polychromatic therapy pads called “boot pads” specifically designed to wrap gently over the entire foot to reduce the pain associated with peripheral neuropathy.


  • The InLight 2-port Traveler controller with Progressive Multi-Pulse™ technology
    • Simply turn the device ON and enjoy the benefits of Progressive Multi-Pulse™ technology
  • InLight Medical PLT Therapy Pads are interchangeable between all InLight controllers:
    • Two 122 Boot Red and Near-Infrared (NIR) PLT therapy pads
  • Contains everything to begin use