Platinum 6/PORT PRO + 2/PORT | 6 Pad + BLC

Experience the ultimate with our Platinum 6/PORT PRO + 2/PORT system featuring 6 pads and Brilliant LightCap™ (BLC) for array of options to help you from head to toe.

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Product Information

Now you can experience the ultimate sessions with InLight Medical’s premium system featuring two controllers, six pads, and the Brilliant LightCap. It allows for an array of session options for head to toe coverage. The BLC features over 500 red and infrared LED’s to precisely deliver Polychromatic Light Therapy to any number of intracranial sites simultaneously.


  • The InLight 6/PORT PRO Controller with Progressive Multi-Pulse™ technology
    • 3 easy-to-use automatic settings pre-programmed with Progressive Multi-Pulse technology
    • 7 manual setting options for professional applications
  • The InLight 2/PORT Traveler controller with Progressive Pulse™ technology
    • Simply turn the device ON and enjoy the benefits of Progressive multi-Pulse technology
    • 7 manual setting options for professional applications
  • InLight Medical PLT Therapy Pads are interchangeable between the two controllers:
    • Brilliant LightCap
    • FACEMASK 104 Red/Blue PLT
    • LOCAL 132 Red/Infrared PLT
    • (2) BODY 264 Red/Infrared PLT
    • PAINBUSTER II 180 Tricolor PLT
    • BODY 264 Blue/Infrared PLT