2/PORT | 2 Pad Skin

The 2/PORT l 2 Pad Skin System features the 2/PORT Controller and 2 pads, for an array of polychromatic light therapy options.
Price $1,250

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The InLight Medical 2/PORT | 2 Pad Skin system utilizes blue and red light for results in beautiful and revitalized skin. The unique value in each color of polychromatic light has been identified and utilized in clinical research. Specifically, dermatologic researchers have found blue LED light can be helpful in addressing mild-to-moderate inflammatory and hormonal acne. Blue light (400 – 500 nm) can reach the pores where bacteria live and aid in killing the p. acnes bacteria that can be an element underlying acne outbreaks. InLight polychromatic systems are FDA-cleared Class II medical devices, giving consumers the best possible quality and effective self-care tool on the market. Whether for home use or professional care, InLight Medical polychromatic light systems with Progressive Multi-Pulse™ technology is beneficial for general wellness at every stage of life.


  • The InLight 2/PORT Traveler controller with Progressive Pulse™ technology
    • Simply turn the device ON and enjoy the benefits of Progressive multi-Pulse technology
    • 7 manual setting options for professional applications
  • InLight Medical PLT Therapy Pads
    • FACEMASK 104 blue/red PLT
    • PAINBUSTER II 180 blue PLT

Price $1,250