InLighten your daily regimen with innovative skin-care products. And explore low-level light systems to aid in pain relief and increase circulation issues associated with a variety of skin conditions, including acne and wounds.

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Benefits of Light Therapy

The Benefits of Light Therapy

Light Therapy and TBI

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Looking for ways to have brighter, healthier-looking skin? InLight Medical provides top-rated products that are formulated to help target special areas of concerns and revitalize skin’s overall appearance.

InLight Medical creates innovative skin-care products that are designed to address a variety of needs and concerns. Choose from illuminating creams that helps create a timeless defense to sprays to aid in supporting skin as it naturally heals.


The Beauty of Light Therapy

Increasing circulation to the skin can be beneficial to the body’s natural healing processes. PLT is known to trigger the release of the “miracle molecule” nitric oxide, which causes increased circulation and also triggers various cellular processes to create health-restoring substances.

The unique value in each “color” of polychromatic light has been identified and utilized in clinical research. Specifically, dermatologic researchers have found blue LED light works to treat mild-to-moderate inflammatory and hormonal acne.  Acne is caused by the p. acnes bacteria. Blue light (400 – 500 nm) works by reaching the pores where the bacteria live and killing the p. acnes bacteria underlying acne outbreaks. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recommends LED light therapy to decrease acne-causing bacteria.

acne inlight medicalResearch has also demonstrated the application of polychromatic light can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate collagen production, increase new tissue growth, and prevent scar formation and enhance normal tissue repair. For best results customers alternate polychromatic therapy pad options using the Progressive Multi-Pulse™ technology in 20-minute sessions daily.

While LED light treatment is considered the “newest thing to hit the world of aesthetics” in recent years by industry experts, light-emitting diode technology has been around for decades and the InLight founding family has been instrumental in the evolution of this industry for over 30 years. InLight polychromatic systems are class II medical devices, giving consumers the best possible quality and effective self-care tool on the market.

Whether for home self-care use or professional dermatologic care, InLight Medical polychromatic light systems with Progressive Multi-Pulse™ technology is beneficial for skin care at every stage of life.