Leadership Team

Top Level Leadership

David Melone, Brilliant Light Architect & Founder

David Melone founded InLight Wellness and developed the polychromatic light therapy system. David’s initial technical training came from his time serving as a Marine. An autodidact, David has taught himself circuit design, PCB layout and CAM file generation, microcontroller software development, schematic drafting, enclosure design and electronic engineering. David’s passion is the study of health, science, electronics, engineering, and the exponential growth of technology.

Randall Reed, Partner

For over three decades, Randall Reed has been a successful entrepreneur in the automotive, aviation, real estate and medical industry. He is the CEO of Reed Enterprises, a billion-dollar entity that encompasses one of the third largest, award-winning, independent dealership sales organization, a trusted world leading private aviation company, as well as a number of other holdings. Mr. Reed is a polychromatic light medical device advocate that is passionate about sharing this revolutionary, drug-free product with the world.

Sherry Reed, Partner

As a certified trainer and natural food enthusiast for over 20 years, Sherry Reed, understands the strength of the human body. After a catastrophic mid-life stroke, she tried numerous pharmaceutical recommendations to aid in her recovery. She failed to find success until she researched the natural healing of the InLight Medical system, a polychromatic light therapy device that supports the body’s natural ability to heal. Since initiating therapy, Sherry has had improvements in strength, balance and increased tissue recovery.