Proper Care Techniques of your InLight Medical Systems

Taking proper care of your InLight Medical devices are key to making sure they are in the best shape to keep “InLightening” you.

Here are the proper care techniques for your InLight Medical Systems:

  • When cleaning your systems disinfect with a hospital-grade disinfectant solution (1:10 bleach solution.) Make sure you wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • Make sure you are keeping pads clean and covered with the protective sleeves that are provided.
  • Keep systems stored in a cool, dry location within temperature ranges of 32-110 degrees Fahrenheit

Here are a few things that will quickly damage your InLight Medical devices

  • Do not use in water or while wet
  • Do not expose the systems to heat and sub-freezing temperatures
  • Do not wrap cords around therapy pads

InLight Medical systems are FDA-cleared to increase circulation, reduce pain, and relieve stiffness and muscle spasms.

InLight Medical (ILM) devices contain visible ~465 peak nm blue
diodes, ~629 peak nm red diodes, and infrared light diodes that
range from 830nm to 930nm, averaging ~850 peak nm, thereby
penetrating at various depths and stimulating increased circulation through a broad range of tissue types.





InLight Medical™ therapy pads are lined with Irvisium superflux diodes
designed specifically and exclusively for our products.
The circuitry architecture embedded in the neoprene allows for pliability
and a comfortable application of the pads to any body part. This
contoured application increases the skin absorption of the therapeutic
light and enhances the benefits of each InLight session.
The entire range of InLight Medical pads can be used interchangeably
with any of our controller devices.

Controllers like the 2/PORT
shown to the left feature
multiple input ports for
up to 2 pads working

Controllers like the 6/PORT
PRO shown to the left
feature multiple input ports
for up to 6 pads working



InLight Medical mission is to deliver the most innovative and technologically advanced polychromatic LED systems for an alternative, non-invasive remedy to decrease pain and enhance wellness to people around the world.

Once you have received your InLight Medical system(s) you want to make sure to register your product so that your warranty will be protected. Visit, for more ways to be “InLightened.”



Proper Care Techniques of your InLight Medical Systems

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