Wellness Wheel

Wellness requires a well-rounded approach to ensure you are living, feeling and functioning your best. Are you making quality daily choices? Here is a look at components to help put a positive spin on your healthy each day. InLight Medical wants you to be at your best and believes a well-balance of this wheel equals your best self!


Nutrition, Body & Movement: An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Doctors have preached from the beginning that exercise and a nutritionally well-balanced diet keeps your organs and body in tip-top shape. When you’re combining these, it makes you a double-threat against germs and bacteria!


Rest & Relaxation: Rest is a key component to keeping your immune system up and body functioning to its best! The human body needs rest to recover from the day to day stress and activities. Lack of sleep has been linked to numerous mental and physical health issues.

 Community: Being connected to people is an important part of being successful. Being involved in a community helps you stay connected and feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment!

 Emotional health: Your emotional health is very important to your physical and mental state. When you are emotionally healthy you’re aware and in control of your emotions. Whether they are positive or negative emotions, you’re able to deal with those emotions in a manner that is considered healthy.

Relationships, Spirit & Purpose/Worth: Your spirit, your personal worth, and your relationships are some key character playing roles in what motivates you to get up in the morning. Relationships give us our personal purpose/worth, they are what motivates you to get involved in a community atmosphere.

 Polychromatic light therapy (PLT): PLT is being used by InLight Medical to support the enhancement of each function on the wellness wheel. PLT increases circulation allowing oxygen to enter, which then decreases pain. Did you know PLT is used by elite athletes? That’s because they have realized the benefits of light therapy being an important part for their recovery after those intense workouts! PLT is for everyone, if you can’t sleep because of the annoying ache of pain, PLT can help reduce pain so you are able to fall asleep comfortably.

When you feel good, you look good, and when you look and feel good then you are able to be your best self! To learn more about how to light up your life, visit www.InLightMedical.com

Wellness Wheel

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