Relax with InLight Medical

Overstressed? Overworked? Did you ever hear what happened to the lady who never took a day for herself…Nope, because she didn’t have time to tell it.

InLight Medical encourages you to take time for yourself to de-stress from everyday life and never-ending activities. Rest is a key component to keeping you, your immune system up and body functioning its best! The human body needs rest to recover from day-to-day life.  Stress has been linked to numerous mental and physical health issues which could slow you down a lot later  if you don’t take a little time out now.


Time to Relax with InLight Medical

The Facemask 104 Red/Blue Pad is ergonomically designed to be placed over closed eyes for a safe and effective dose of comforting blue and red LED light. Blending the power of blue light with the circulation-enhancing power of red light, the InLight Facemask 104 delivers a gentle stimulus to skin wherever the pad is placed.




Life can be a kick in the back sometimes. So, take a moment — 20 minutes preferably — and use the Body 264 Pad Red or Blue.

The InLight Body 264 Red/Infrared PLT Pad is the largest pad in the InLight collection, delivering a polychromatic dose of 264 red and infrared diodes.  The polychromatic light system delivers energy with InLight’s unique Progressive Multi-Pulse™ technology provides the body with a state-of-the-art dose beneficial light.



The InLight Body 264 Blue/Infrared is the same large pad as shown above, but provides the power of increased circulation when you are siting back and relaxing with a good book, your favorite aromatherapy or enjoyable movie.



On your feet all day? Don’t worry, InLight Medical has you covered there, too. Give your feet and legs a break by using our PODIATRIC BOOT 122.

InLight Medical’s 2/PORT 2 Pad Podiatric System features two (2) Boot 122 pads that provide polychromatic application of red and infrared photonic energy for the body. The pads can be comfortably applied to the bottom of the feet or lengthwise along the calf or shin. The polychromatic LED spacing allows for a gentle stimulation of circulation to the area to aid in the reduction pain.



InLight Medical has your covered head to toe, so if you need a minute, or 20. Let InLight Medical help “inlighten” your life.

Relax with InLight Medical

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