The "InLightened" Workshop

What an “InLightening” event this past weekend in Denver, Colorado. Thank you to all of the InLight Medical account representatives that attended to learn how to help transform lives and the way they sell with information that will enhance the way we assist customers.

Guest speakers shared insights into InLight technology, the latest techniques, and how light can literally change how people thrive in their daily lives. InLight Medical wanted to give our representative the best foundation to launch their own business. We believe in the benefits of InLight products, and we know you do too.

To give our representative some great tools and starters, the workshop featured Wes Melcher, who teaches on NetEasy Marketing. Wes has trained and coached in excess of one million people across the world over the last 20 years.

InLight Medical brought in Dr. Greg Hipskind, who is on the InLight Medical board chairman, and specializes in evaluating treatment options for neuropsychiatric patients.

Guest Speaker, Jody Mittiga discussed the benefits of light therapy. Mittiga is an instructor trained in naturopathic health and a variety of health optimizing strategies.

In addition Melissa Hatten, the InLight General Manager who spoke on her experience with InLight and gave insight on her sales experience of over 15 years.

InLight Medical has been a huge success, and we want everyone to look great, feel great, and be great! Our workshop was for our new or current representatives, but we always enjoy news eyes and ears to learn about the discoveries of light therapy. Learn more at to start your own business.

The “InLightened” Workshop

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