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Jeff & Julie O’Connor

Jeff & Julie O’Connor

Highlands Ranch, CO

Relief is Always in Reach... As your InLight Medical Representatives, we're ready to help educate and demonstrate InLight's innovative all-natural solution to help your body self-heal! Yes. Self-heal! This technology is truly incredible, and easy to use. How does it work? The light actually triggers beneficial biological changes at the cellular level. The application of Polychromatic Light Therapy (PLT) energy facilitates the release of nitric oxide, supporting the body with improved circulation... Improved circulation (blood flow) is one of the most vital components of the healing process. PLT energy is delivered via pulsed frequencies – which are another important "instruction set” used by the body to stimulate its self-healing processes. The changes are unique, that is, UNMATCHED BY ANY OTHER medical intervention. Contact us to learn more, receive a complimentary session, or schedule a short-term rental. Be sure to ask about our try-before-buy no obligation rental program: (720) 772-7999 or

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