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Lana Haller

Lana Haller

Carstairs, AB

My practice is governed by ethical standards and values. These values signify my philosophy for providing light therapy services. It is my aspiration to achieve these values in every way possible throughout my professional endeavors. My highest priority is to maximize the health and wellness of every client and In Light owner. I will provide every client with a focused approach to delivering the benefits of light therapy. My goal is to maximize the health and wellness for each of my clients and owners. I do encourage my clients and owner to take personal responsibility for their health. I believe that every person should play an active role in improving and maintaining good health. I will treat each individual with great respect for the dignity of each person. My office fosters well-being through a clean, safe and supportive environment. I will strive to make the environment of my practice emotionally supportive, physically clean and safe, to aid in my client's better health. I strive to maintain a current and comprehensive level of training, education and experience. It is my intention to meet or exceed such requirements because the result of good training and education will benefit my clients and owners through better knowledge. Call (306) 713-0285 ** PLEASE NOTE THAT SYSTEMS ARE IN US FUNDS AT THIS TIME **

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