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Stephen Wechsler

Stephen Wechsler

Syracuse, NY

I have been a practicing Chiropractor for almost 30 years, and have used InLight LED therapy with patients for the last 6 years. We treat, rent, and sell InLight in our office and throughout North America. In 2012 I had a car accident that left me barely able to work, and in a lot of pain. Light Therapy help me manage my pain till I had two successful surgeries on my knee and on my wrist. The exciting part is I needed no medicine for either post surgery, due to Light Therapy. I have personally been with patients in the recovery room after their joint surgeries a dozen times with similar results. As a Chiropractor I have encountered many different problems the Light has worked effectively on, not only spine and joint pain. Absouletely the best treatment for trauma and recovery, as well as general wellness.

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